Troubleshooting - How to fix 'Not auto catching Pokemon or spinning Pokestops'

When you encounter the following issues: 

  • Not auto-catching Pokemon

  • Not auto-spinning Pokestops

Please first confirm whether it is 'not detecting' or 'detecting but not catching/spinning':


The operation of the Pokemon Go Plus is detected by the game, and the Auto Catcher replaces manual catching actions for you.

Game (detect) →(notify that there is a Pokemon/Pokestops appearing)→ Auto Catcher (perforn Catch/Spin)

In other words, if the game is not detecting, the Auto Catcher cannot perform catching/spinning actions.


How to check if the game is detecting Pokemon or Pokestops properly:

As long as the "Pink arrow" appears upon the Pokemon or Pokestops, it indicates that the game is detecting.

(Note: The thick white-circle Pokemon in the image is a daily Pokemon that can only be caught manually.)

Pokemon go plus detecting red arrows


If the game is not detecting (Pink arrow does not appear):

It means the game has not enabled the detection function.

Please go to game settings and enable the function.

(Settings > Connected Devices and Services > Accessory Device).

Turn on the 'Identify Nearby Pokemon' and 'Identify Nearby Pokestops' functions.

MEGACOM Pokemon go plus neraby pokemon nearby pokestops

If you originally had this function enabled and it still doesn't work, it may be a game bug.

Please turn it off and then on again. Close and reopen the game, as this usually resolves most issues.


If the game is detecting, but the Auto Catcher is not working:

Please first check if you have enough red balls in your bag and if there is space in your bag and inventory.

Without red balls, the device cannot auto catch Pokemon, and with a full bag or inventory, the device cannot catch Pokemon or obtain items.

Also, check if your Auto Catcher settings have relevant features disabled (such as catching Unknown Pokemon).

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