MEGACOM was created by Taiwan Company - Sperry Corporation since 1977.
We are mainly in game field more than 40 years and have designed many unique products.

Wish you to enjoy our latest designs – Catchmon !

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Megacom: This Is Our Story

1977 was a huge year for video games. Multiple home entertainment systems were released that year and some of the first, bulky, and trailblazing home computers made their way to the basements of nerdy video-game enthusiasts. That’s exactly when a group of video game pioneers from Taiwan decided to start their own company; Megacom as a part of the Sperry Corporation – using the ancient Greek prefix, Mega, which means huge, to express their big dreams and even bigger aspirations. For the past 43 years, Megacom has been providing die-hard and casual gamers with premium accessories that take their gaming experience to the next level. We focus on quality, function, and attention to detail. That is why Megacom products provide solutions to some of the most annoying issues in gaming.

What Makes Megacom Stand Out?

We strive to keep our ears to the ground and feel the pulse of the gaming community in order to create niche products that give Megacom users an edge. Every single Megacom product has been tested and preapproved by our specialists as well as video game experts from around the globe.



Established in 1977, SPERRY CORPORATION is a leading Taiwanese business specializing in gaming products and accessories. Focus areas include 3C/video game - PS4, PS5, Xbox, NSW gaming systems, with an emphasis on professional expertise and quality control.

Proprietary brand : MEGACOM
Distribution brand : Collectiveminds / CronusMax

Diversified portfolio in consumer electronics, 3C, and video games, Comprehensive ODM services offered, covering layout, ID design, mold development, and final production. Commitment extends to seamless sales services, encompassing shipping, warehousing, and distribution.

Join SPERRY CORPORATION for end-to-end solutions, turning your gaming accessory ideas into successful realities with our proven experience and commitment.



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