Pokémon Auto Pokémon Catcher can help you automatically catch nearby Pokémon and spin PokéStops in the Pokémon Go as long as it's connected via Bluetooth. It allows Pokémon Go trainers to accumulate Stardust, Candy, and XP automatically during their busy daily routines, making the game less burdensome and balancing it with real life.


The Pokémon Auto Catcher - Catchmon & DuoMon is developed and manufactured by the Taiwanese brand MEGACOM, making it the world's first manufacturer to introduce a dual-account version auto catcher. MEGACOM designed the products with the premise of enhancing player convenience. It builds upon the basic manual Pokémon catcher by adding features like one-touch reconnection, eliminating the need for players to take out the device when they're busy, and allowing them to easily reconnect with a simple touch on their smartphone screen. Additional features such as vibration, voice prompts, and quantity statistics are also included.


All MEGACOM Pokémon Auto Catcher boasts three main features: stable connectivity, a 65 ft Bluetooth range, and one-touch reconnection. It has been selling well in the Japan and North America regions and has now released two generations of products.

All MEGACOM products are compatible with official products, and we have not received any reports of players being banned due to our products for many years.

For product compatibility, please refer to the following information:


Products Compatible with Pokémon Go Plus:

♦ Catchmon Go

♦ Dual Catchmon

♦ DuoMon

♦ DuoMon Egg

♦ Catchmon X

MEGACOM Auto Catcher offers multiple products, including single-account, dual-account, and quad-account versions. Please refer to the following explanations:

♦ Single Account: Catchmon Go

♦ Dual Account: Dual Catchmon, DuoMon, DuoMon Egg

♦ Quad Account: CatchmonX


All MEGACOM products have separate and independent accounts. The dual-account version can be considered as having two single accounts.

For example, if you usually use a single account but occasionally want to share another account with a friend when you go out, we recommend purchasing the dual-account version and simply putting one side to sleep when not in use.

Currently, all MEGACOM Auto Catcher support a Bluetooth connection range of 20 meters (65 ft).

Currently, all MEGACOM Auto Catcher except for CatchmonX (4 accounts) are equipped with vibration and sound notification functions.


The vibration and sound settings for each product are different; please refer to the respective product manuals.

Currently, all MEGACOM Auto Catcher uses two AAA batteries (voltage between 1.2 to 1.7v).


Battery life depends on the capacity of the batteries used, with alkaline batteries typically having higher capacity than zinc-carbon batteries. It is recommended to use newer batteries with a higher available capacity. (Recommand Brand: Energizer)


Due to variations in individual usage patterns, such as whether vibration/sound is enabled and the density of nearby Pokémon and PokéStops, it will affect the machine's operational frequency. Therefore, the actual usage time can only be roughly estimated.


If using alkaline batteries, it can last a minimum of 1-2 weeks, and in some cases, up to one month.

Yes. Please make sure to choose batteries with a voltage range of 1.2 to 1.7v.

Currently, almost all MEGACOM Auto Catcher have a "one-touch reconnection" feature, you don't need to take it out like Pokemon Go Plus or other catchers.

Pokemon Go Reconnect Pokeball icon

Simply tap the icon on your phone (the Poké Ball in the upper right corner of the game) to reconnect, without the need to take out the device.

Just ensure that the device is within the connection range, such as in a bag or pocket.

Yes, please go to the Pokémon Go Game settings to disable the identify Nearby Pokemon and Nearby Pokestops.

Pokemon Go only spin PokéStops or catch Pokémon

This way, the game won't perform detection, and the device won't be able to perform captures.

Yes, it will.

Yes, it will. However, please note that if there is a pink arrow above a Pokémon's head, it means MEGACOM Auto Catcher is currently catching that Pokémon.

Pokemon in range pink arrow

In this case, attempting to manually catch the same Pokémon will be ineffective. It's recommended to ignore that Pokémon and catch others.


At Community Day, you can collaborate with Auto Catcher, maximizing efficiency.

While you are busy sorting through the Pokémon in your bag,  MEGACOM Auto Catcher will continue to catch Pokémon.

Yes, they can. The vibration and sound notificcations of all MEGACOM Auto Catcher can be completely turned off.

Players can customize their preferred notification based on different usage environments.

For more details, please refer to the product manual.

Yes, it can. However, please note that the detection of Pokémon attracted by Incense or Lure Modules may have a slight delay of a few seconds compared to regular wild Pokémon detection.


Also, be aware that if a Pokémon has a thick white circle at the bottom and moves along with your character, it's a "Daily Pokémon" provided by the official game for daily quests, and it can only be caught manually. No device can automatically catch them.

Can MEGACOM Auto Catcher catch Pokémon attracted by Incense or Lure Modules?

All current MEGACOM Auto Catcher are compatible with Pokémon Go Plus and are limited to using standard Poké Balls for automatic catching. This aligns with the settings for automatic catching in Pokémon Go Plus+.

Yes, it will.

For DuoMon and DuoMon Egg, If you want to manually catch Unknown Pokémon, you can disable the "Auto Catch Unknown Pokémon" feature on each button.

When the game detects a new Pokémon, the catcher will pause catching and notify you.

Yes, it can. However, the game itself has a speed limit (show as follows) .

Generally, when you exceed the speed at which you can manually spin PokéStops, automatic catching won't work. 

(Usually, at this speed, there are no Pokémon spawning nearby)

Pokemon Go Moving too fast

Typically, speeds between 40-50 km/h are within the acceptable range for automatic catching. If you have a strong mobile network signal, you might even achieve speeds of up to 60 km/h.

You need to have the game running, but you don't need to keep the screen on.

All MEGACOM products support background operation.

As long as the game is running in the background, you can catch Pokémon while watching videos, responding to messages, or with the screen turned off.

Yes. The accounts on all MEGACOM products are designed independently and won't interfere with each other.

For example, a quad-account version can be considered as having four separate "single accounts."

MEGACOM Auto catcher currently has two generations of products.

♦ 1st generation: Catchmon Go, Dual Catchmon (Beep sound ver.)

♦ 2nd generation: DuoMon, DuoMon Egg (Voice sound ver.) / Catchmon X (No sound)

Please refer to the instruction manual page for visual identification.

Please refer to the product manual for instructions.

The first-generation product does not have a sleep function

There are numerous spoofing programs available, and it's not possible to list them all individually.

However, in general, as long as you are connecting with the official Pokémon Go app, it should work.


If you have any concerns regarding the usage of the product or if the product is experiencing any issues

please refer to the troubleshooting page or contact us.

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